Become a Pilot

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot and flying to far-off destinations? Your opportunity is here, at Phoenix Flight Academy. Become a pilot in two years even if you have never flown a private plane before. Our flight training program will help you build a career as a commercial pilot.

Flight Training Program

Whether you have previous private training or experience or are just walking into a pilot instruction program for the first time, we can provide the commercial flight training that is best suited for your present skills and knowledge.

First-Time Pilots

Commercial Multi-Engine Flight Certificate and Certified Flight Instructor Certificates

You will begin professional pilot training immediately from day one as you gain knowledge about a wide range of aircraft. Our training instructors, with combined decades of experience, will guide you through all the necessary flight instruction training. The first step toward becoming a professional pilot is earning your single-engine Private Pilot Certificate. This is accomplished through standardized operating procedures and training students to an exemplary level of proficiency and compliance. In your primary training stage, you’ll learn the fundamentals of flight before moving on to cross-country and solo endeavors. Instrument procedures are introduced while logging PIC and cross-country flight time, following the earning of your Private Pilot Certificate. You will learn how to fully operate single and multi-engine aircraft that are commonly used across the country. During training, you will also have opportunities to attend pilot recruiting events to help guarantee a job after graduation.

Upon graduating from our flight training program, you will have a guaranteed instructor job opportunity with Phoenix Flight Academy. Within roughly 9 months, you will graduate from our flight training program and have a guaranteed flight instructor job opportunity through Phoenix Flight Academy. Request more info.


Airline Job Placement Opportunities

Once you reach 1,500 flight hours through Phoenix Flight Academy, you will have the minimum flight hours to work at a commercial airline. Phoenix Flight Academy will then provide you with placement services.

Instructor positions are available for responsible students who showed work ethic and professionalism throughout training.

What You Gain Through Phoenix Flight Academy

  • Certified flight instruction with professionals having decades of experience
  • Certified flight instructor certificates
  • Commercial multi-engine flight certificate
  • Guaranteed flight instructor placement with Phoenix Flight Academy
  • 1,500 hours of airline flight hours
  • We accept full financing programs from most institutions

Private To Commercial Fast Track Program

If you already have flight training experience as a private pilot or have earned a private pilot certificate with 40 hours of flight time, you can take part in one of our fast track training programs to become a pilot in the commercial sector. Pick the fast track program that fits your need.

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